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Protecting the dentition from diseases and injuries ensures a healthier life. At times when one of the teeth gets hurt or gets infected from caries, it can cause danger to the life of tooth and also spread to teeth nearby causing serious problems to the oral cavity. Root canal treatment is done in order to protect a natural tooth from danger. Root canal treatment in Chino, CA has protected natural teeth of many patients. Our comprehensive dental care and good oral hygiene have improved the life of patients who rely on us when it comes to their dental health.

Root canal treatment requirement:

Root canal treatment is an endodontic treatment process which involves removal of pulp from a natural tooth. The pulp is the heart of a tooth which connects with the periodontium. It consists of blood vessels and nerves. When this pulp gets infected it can harm the tooth by damaging bone tissues and spreading the infection through gums. In the worst case, the tooth may have to be extracted. In order to avoid this danger, root canal treatment is performed which retains the natural tooth and covers it with a dental crown, giving it more strength and longer life.

Infected pulp – Causes:

There are many ways by which a pulp may get infected. Caries, one of the forms of dental infections which spreads over the tooth, if not treated in earlier stages it can reach the pulp and destroy it. Apart from the decayed tooth, injured tooth or cracks can also kill the pulp.

Treatment procedure:

Root canal treatment is done in few steps and a patient may require a number of visits before the procedure is complete. The dentist uses sedation to numb the area to be treated. A hole is drilled into the tooth to break it open and remove the infected pulp. The filling is done with an agent called gutta-percha. An artificial crown is placed over the tooth to reestablish its natural shape.

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