Few Factors Which Can Help You Get Better Dental Treatment

You visit your dentist at least twice every year. Did you know that there are few factors which can help you get better dental treatment? Although most of these factors are taken care by our dentist in Chino DDS, knowing about them can definitely help you when you visit our practice the next time. Are you ready to know what it really takes to get better dental treatment? well, here it goes.

Make a note of your concerns

Your dental visit is something which may happen once in six months, but that should not stop you from getting the best. There may be few minor dental problems which you may come across in everyday life. Making note of such dental problems may be necessary to get better oral care. Following are some of the problems which may be worth mentioning during your dental visit.

  • Tooth Sensitivity – Patients should inform dentists about tooth sensitiveness or tooth pain they face when they have hot/cold food or when they bite/chew food.
  • Problems maintaining oral hygiene – Patients commonly face problems in cleaning teeth. Proper brushing and flossing are very much essential for better oral health.
  • Bleeding Gums – Healthy gums are important for better oral health. Gums which bleed when you brush your teeth can indicate dental infection. You may bring this to the notice of the dentist during your dental visit.

Medical History and Medicines

Your dentist has to be well aware of your medical condition. Informing dentist about diabetes, hypertension, cancer or other medical conditions can help dentists provide better oral care. some of these medical problems may directly affect the oral health of a person.

Medicines too can cause some problems with teeth. Reduction in the flow of saliva is one of the common problems caused by some medicines. This can make way to increased accumulation of plaque which is capable of causing dental infection. Dentists should be aware of medicines consumed by the patient.

Try and ask more questions related to your dental health and oral hygiene

Being aware of your dental health can help you prevent diseases. You can ask the hygienist on how to improve oral hygiene. Try to know if there are advanced ways of cleaning teeth. This can improve the effectiveness of your teeth cleaning process at home.

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